Galaxy Gardens offers a wide variety of high quality products to help turn a winter hazard into a winter wonderland. Merchandise such as bagged salt, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, bulk road grits, bulk salt, snow shovels and ice chippers are available at our store to ensure your home or business is safe for you, your family or your customers.

Countless numbers of injuries during winter storms are blamed exclusively on slips, falls and car accidents on snow and ice. These casualties can simply be avoided by salting and de-icing walkways, driveways and streets.

Controlling Ice With Salt

After salt is poured on a surface, it melts the snow or ice, forming brine. Leftover snow or ice floats on the brine, eventually breaking free from the surface.
Salt continues to be a reliable, fool-proof method for battling snow and ice. Whether used as a deicer to bare pavement before the onset of a storm or as an accelerator to melt snow and ice, salt is a cost-effective way to ensure your property remains safe.

Staying Safe with Calcium Chloride

A calcium chloride solution is capable of instantaneously deicing frozen surfaces. Many swear by this method, due to its quick turnaround time to achieve a pavement free of ice and snow.

Choosing Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium chloride bores down under the ice and snow quickly and efficiently in extremely low temperatures. Many prefer this environmentally safe method because of its ability to maintain metal surfaces and concrete.

Our Products

• 50 lb. bagged salt
• 80 lb. bagged salt
• 50 lb. calcium chloride
• 50 lb. magnesium chloride
• Bulk road grits
• Bulk Salt
• Snow shovels
• Ice chippers

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